Future Projects / Exhibitions / New Work

Future Projects

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AUGUST– launch of the sale of Secondary Market Art at traffic jam galleries

OCTOBER 2022 – solo exhibition at traffic jam galleries, Sydney, ‘focusing on the concept of truth and the shadow of betrayal’.

NOVEMBER 2022 – Affordable Art Fair Singapore.

EARLY 2023 – Preparation for the launch of the new Bec Pierce capsule merchandise program. The products will include silk georgette scarves, silk cashmere shawls, tote bags, oversized cushion covers and bucket hats.

New Work

My practice is constantly evolving. Moving between painting, photography and sculpture I am finding with time the transition between the three genres is becoming more fluid and subject and medium can overlap or inform.

The genesis of a relatively new series BRIDGE AND FLOW emerged from my collecting overspill of impasto medium from large canvases I was working on. The paint I would dry and twist to form part of my sculptural works. Taking it a step further I started to intentionally spill and pour paint in large quantities on flat surfaces; when dry I would peel, twist, fold, and mold. Incorporated with the manipulated paint is cotton rag paper that I have been dyeing, drying, and resining to create a stable firm base.

These artworks I believe have a natural, organic flow to them and to this point have been indoor pieces as wall or floor works. They may in time evolve and be placed externally taking on an ephemeral existence and subsequent demise.

I am working towards works that will be situated on a wall or column and extending, giving the impression of slipping and sliding down to a flat surface, table, plinth or the floor and then bleeding out and ‘blooming’.

I see the works as steppingstones in a body of water, migrating through one existence and on to the next. Titles of past works reflect this ‘Jumped Ship to a Better Place’, ‘Puddle’ and ‘Narcissus’s Swamp’. Layers of medium are heavily populated with tiny dots, a reflection of humanity and the masses.

‘Narcissus’s Swamp’ was a finalist in the 2021 Fishers Ghost Art Prize – Contemporary Section and ‘Jumped Ship to a Better Place’ was selected and exhibited at the 2021 GreenWay Art Prize, receiving a Highly Commended from the adjudication panel.

Projects Pie in the Sky

“I have an ever growing exciting ‘to do’ and ‘pie in the sky’ list !

One such ‘pie in the sky’ is to ‘wrap’ in paint the entire building at 41 Military Road in one of my beach scenes!

And structurally remove all the windows and replace with single sheets of glass sans mullions and transams”.