Eau De Rubbish


50 x 60 x 50cm
Acrylic paint discards, resin, cord, ribbon, metal brackets, cutlery, toothpicks, wooden spatula, metal ruler, leather belt, plastic chair parts, Perspex base

Winner Northbridge Prize overall and sculpture section 2019

“A number of affluent countries have grown accustomed to exporting their plastic problems offshore without focusing on the recycling outcome and the long term negative affect on other countries. The closure of these gateways to dump outside our borders I believe will become a positive and will force us to further question our love of disposable items and challenge our society to become even more inventive with the recycling and disposal of waste. The results may also bring a greater respect for neighbouring countries and their own internal challenges with waste and pollution. The discarded materials used in this work would be identified as ‘rubbish’ or waste, the diversity of colours is to reflect the smorgasbord of coloured plastics commonly found in tips, waterways and land fill. The stippling effect references toxins or spores, being the result of decomposition of waste (generally food) and the release of gases, a known contributor to Global Warming.” – Rebecca Pierce

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$5,500.00 inc GST

$5,500.00 inc GST

$5,500.00 inc GST