Traffic Jam Galleries

Working as an owner, gallerist and curator Rebecca started traffic jam galleries from the ground up in 2010.

Rebecca had been painting full time for nearly ten years and represented by galleries in four States in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, when she decided to open her own art gallery. The crux was it needed to be modelled in contrast to the gallery format her works were then being viewed in. It was important to Rebecca that an artist’s exposure was all year round and not just for the period when an exhibition was in play.

Rebecca purchased the property at 41 Military Rd, Neutral Bay Sydney and traffic jam galleries was opened over twelve years ago by the then Governor Marie Bashir, with an estimated crowd of over three hundred people including artists, friends, collectors and well-wishers.

The ground floor of the building is divided into two separate areas that can be connected to form one singular open space when required. One area is dedicated to rotating monthly solo and mixed exhibitions, the other provides all year-round exposure for the forty plus artists represented. This exposure spreads into a racking system that can accommodate up to a hundred plus works. There are 17 main road and laneway facing windows measuring 3.2 metres by 1.8 metres featuring weekly rotated two and three dimensional works.

The exhibition calendar is scheduled up to eighteen months in advance. The gallery also works responsively, picking up on market changes, new artists onboarding and collaborations. There is the capacity to spontaneously incorporate pop-up shows alongside formalised programming plus initiatives that may involve community projects, and impromptu thematic exhibitions.

Level one of 41 Military Road provides additional studio area for Rebecca and an extension of the gallery in the form of an oversized, commercial style kitchen where themed artist dinners are held.

Exposure to audiences outside of the gallery space is to Rebecca a very important factor in representing artists and their works. Rebecca develops relationships referred to as ‘Corporate Collaborations’ where artworks are curated and hung in large law firms and other institutions. This fosters an additional appreciation for the artists’ works whilst simultaneously enhancing the work environment of the participating corporation in a positive, uplifting manner.

The art exhibited at traffic jam galleries is constantly evolving as existing artists grow and develop their practice and new talent is brought on board. The approach is fresh and distinctly global. It would be loosely described as contemporary and is responded to not just by collectors but those who are making their first art purchase. In meeting this cross-section artists range from emerging through to mid-career and established. The works on exhibit range from decorative through to explorative, challenging, thought provoking and collectable. Prices are reflective of this range as it is important to Rebecca that the gallery is inclusive and approachable. Genres covered include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, assemblage, installation, photography, and prints.

Transparency is paramount for Rebecca, all prices are published, and specifically commissioned works do not attract a premium. Rebecca has fostered a wonderful, supportive team, that are independent and passionate about the art and the artists they represent. Some team members have been with the gallery since its inception. For Rebecca, facilitating a collaborative atmosphere is an underlying hallmark of the gallery, understanding the clients’ needs, listening and discovering together creates a shared journey for the client, the artist and the gallery.

traffic jam galleries based at 41 Military Road, Neutral Bay is ten minutes from Sydney’s City Centre.
The gallery specialises in contemporary art from a multifarious group of emerging, mid-career and established artists presented through innovative and progressive exhibitions, initiatives, art fairs and digital platforms.
The gallery’s dynamic program hosts up to ten curated exhibitions a year, together with an aligned art space dedicated to mixed, thematic, and pop-up exhibitions showcasing the diversity of styles, genres, and mediums.
The physical structure of the space is relaxed, simple and non-invasive devoid of pretence and artifice. Alongside the exhibition area is a large racking system that encourages engagement and interaction.
Dependent on the exhibition at the time and the mix of works, the gallery can be many of the following – interactive, playful, serious, fun, eclectic, adventurous, inspiring, thought provoking, profound, light-hearted but our intent is that the experience delivered is informative and enjoyable.