Portrait / Muses / Inspiration


Rebecca draws parallels between the reading of a face and that of a natural landscape, in particular the Australian outback. The ravages of time evident on human skin being not unlike the effects of erosion and climate change on the land. She draws on these likenesses when constructing a countenance to introduce a dialogue.


For Rebecca, portraiture extends to the body and the individual’s choice to decorate and adorn, through tattooing, maiming, make-up and piercing. How we present ourselves and societies responses to such is for her an endless source of inspiration. Rebecca’s children as well as herself often feature in her work captured photographically and through paint


Artist Statement

Inspiration can really come from anywhere. The surprise of what piques my interest drives the impetus to delve and research.

A new subject can simply arise from a conversation or from an alternate perspective on a subject presented by a third party. The unpredictability of the spark often initiates a greater desire to explore and tease out ideas, questions and how to translate this to an aesthetic form.

Being a mother, situations and issues my children will encounter or face will give rise to subjects to be investigated.

Alternately I will paint purely out of the enjoyment of experimenting with colour and wishing to make works pop and zing. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including placement of colour and tone, extreme levels of medium to create a three-dimensional effect or detailing the surface of the canvas with thousands of tiny dots each individually placed.

If I can attempt to engage a viewer to the point they wish to reach out and touch a work, I feel a level of achievement and pleasure.