After completing her HSC (Higher School Certificate) in 1980 Rebecca was accepted into both Law and Architecture. Commencing and then deferring from a Bachelor of Laws she started to individually hand paint and sell Tshirts. Within two years she had formed a company based wholly on her highly coloured, graphic fabric designs, which in turn created the basis of comprehensive clothing ranges and conceptionally related licenced products. The designs were for placement and continuous yardage in easy care fabrics. The continuous yardage designs provided the opportunity to create a full concept range over a multitude of products

The company wholesaled the fashion component to over 500 accounts Australia wide and internationally. The fully concepted product was retailed through six company owned stores and two franchises, one in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, and the other in Auckland, New Zealand. The full concept comprised of women’s and children’s fashion. The licensed product that was fully concepted with the clothing included a bag range – tote, backpack, toiletry bag, travel pack, umbrellas, sandshoes, socks, napery, bedlinen, tableware, jewellery, stationary, tins, hair accessories, scarves, men’s ties, keyrings, honey, and seasonal fashion items.

Two to four fully concepted fashion and accessory ranges were released each year based on a minimum of six fabric designs over numerous colourways. The products were marketed under the labels – BEC PIERCE AUSTRALIA, KOALA COUNTRY, EHIDNA FARM and KANGAROO TERRITORY.

After twenty years in the fashion (rag trade) industry Rebecca parked all the Intellectual Property Rights, selecting not to sell the Trading Company, and commenced another chapter in her working life. Painting on canvas was the starting point to developing a multidisciplinary practice embracing the genres of painting (visual, graphic, and decorative), photography, sculpture and installation.

The cyclical nature of fashion has seen a resurgence and demand for styles and prints that dominated the eighties and nineties. Due to this demand and enquiry level for her original products on the secondary market, Rebecca has created a capsule range to be released late 2023 under the labels BEC PIERCE AUSTRALIA and in late 2024 a cushion range titled SIT ON MY FACE. The graphics for these new releases will be based predominantly not on Rebecca’s past designs but taken from scanned sections of her works original on canvas. In time Rebecca will be reintroducing revamped past imagery from the eighties and nineties.