Art and Design

When Rebecca started painting and exhibiting on a full-time basis she did refer to herself by the name ‘Bec Pierce’, that she had been known as when designing and licensing in the fashion industry for twenty years prior. Rebecca changed her moniker to ‘Rebecca Pierce’.

This deliberate change was in response to the negative connotations attached to artists entering the realm of Fine Arts from a (noted) design background. Fast forward twenty years and the association between Art and Design no longer requires concealment, as the perception of Design has been elevated, akin to that of Fine Arts.

These perceptions and associations have also been, and to some degree still are, felt by genres such as ceramics and collage.

The art market today reflects a blurring of the boundaries between Fine Art and Design, a significant perceptual overlap both aesthetically and conceptually has emerged.
No longer is it simply design providing a solution to a problem and art raising a question, promoting discussion, or eliciting a response, but design often link to functionality.

Today the two disciplines are seen displayed side by side. Rebecca is now referred to as both Bec Pierce and Rebecca Pierce. This is a result of the natural evolution of the disciplines but has been assisted by the growth in the secondary market for the BEC PIERCE fashion and accessories product.