Post #4 – on 03/03/2015 Clio wrote:

As the ‘SOLID ROCK’ Exhibition comes to a close, Rebecca is ready and looking forward to the opening of her next Exhibition, ‘SUN & MOON’, which opens this Thursday at Traffic Jam Galleries.

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Image – Rebecca in her studio painting artworks for the Exhibition

Despite a full schedule and back to back exhibitions, Rebecca is presenting a new scope of works with a conceptual narrative inspired by the forces and cycles of our solar system. In these paintings, Rebecca explores the relationship between landscapes and portraits, where the textural and abstracted patterns of the landscapes often flow onto become components of the faces.


Image – Selection of Artworks included in the ‘SUN & MOON’ Exhibition – DAWN TIDE ON ACID – THE TRAVELLER VS THE EXPLORER I (left), THE BURNING BUSH PART 1 (middle), THE DISSERTATION 1 (right)

Please join us for drinks and catch up with Rebecca on the Exhibition Opening Night of ‘SUN & MOON’, this Thursday the 5th of March, 6-8pm at Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney. For more information please visit our Current Exhibitions page for the March Exhibition here.

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