Design Brands

At the end of 1981, at the age of eighteen, Rebecca Pierce started the BEC PIERCE fashion label.

The sale of T-shirts under the BEC PIERCE label progressed to designs for fully coordinated clothing ranges. Consistent with the fabric designs and to expand on the product base, the parent company signed Licence agreements for products that were complimentary to the core merchandise, including jewellery, bags, umbrellas, scarves, leather goods, footwear, key rings, magnets, mugs, ties, puzzles, rulers, tea towels, placemats, coasters, tin containers, socks, honey, napery, tea towels, golf accessories and numerous other products.

Full concepts were then wholesaled to retailers on a season and mid-season basis. These products were sold through six company controlled ‘concept’ stores in NSW and one in Queensland. The label was renamed BEC PIERCE AUSTRALIA and product was wholesaled to over 500 retail outlets throughout Australia and to numerous overseas accounts.

Pierce continued to develop her designs over a number of labels dependent on market, location and client base. Noted labels being Koala Country, Kangaroo Territory and Echidna Farm, expanded supply to boutiques and tourist destinations in Ohio, Ontario, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Corfu and Fiji.