Series Gallery 3

The following images represent a small selection from each series of Rebecca Pierce’s art.
From most recent descending to older works, these are images of paintings created over the past 14 years.
Although the majority of works may have been sold please contact in regards to availability, commissions, further examples and works in upcoming exhibitions.

Travelled Path / Tall Poppy Syndrome / Endless / Field And Angels

THE TRAVELLED PATH II | 120x120cm | acrylic on canvasBOOGIE WOOGIE NODDY, FULL CIRCLE – MAP OF PATHWAYS, TRAILS OF DECEIT | 244x244cm | acrylic on canvasTHE TRAVELLED FORK | 120x120cm | acrylic on canvasTALL POPPY SYNDROME II | 130x90cm | acrylic on canvas on marine ply and corrugated ironTALL POPPY REVISITED | 153x102cm | acrylic on canvasTALL POPPY SYNDROME III | 164x90x7cm | acrylic on canvas on marine ply and corrugated iron THE BLUE FIELD – JUST BEFORE THE STORM | 71x182cm | acrylic on canvasFROM CRIMSON TO ENDLESS | 165x165cm | acrylic on canvasENDLESS IV | 83x193cm | acrylic on canvasANGEL – BROKEN BUT NOT FALLEN | 165x165cm | acrylic on canvasTIME LOST | 200x200cm | acrylic on canvasFIELD ANGEL | 120x90cm | acrylic on canvas

Daisy Bates

DAISY AND LIZZIE | 137x168cm | acrylic on canvasDAISY AND LIZZIE LOOKING FOR TRUE LOVE | 100x150cm | acrylic and ink on canvas | Finalist of ANL Maritime Art Prize 2009DINNER PARTY FOR TWO OR TEN? | 91x203cm | acrylic on canvasTHE DIVINING ROD – DAISY | 150x100cm | acrylic on canvasDAISY – WHAT REALLY PULLED HER STRINGS AND OURS? | 150x100cm | acrylic and ink on canvasTHE RETURN PASSAGE – DAISY | 150x100cm | acrylic on canvas

Still Life

INTERIOR I ACROSS THE ROAD | 150x220cm | acrylic on canvasFAARK !! SCREECHED MAGGIE AS THE HOLIDAY FLEW BY IN A BLUR | 168x168cm | mixed media on canvas VERY STILL | 91x91cm | acrylic on canvas

Desert Landscape

White Butterflies | 122 x 91cm | acrylic impasto on canvasTHE DIVIDED PATH | 122x122cm | acrylic, impasto and ink on canvasMORNING ON THE DIVIDED PATH III | 122x122cm | acrylic, impasto and ink on canvasFLY FISHING | 112x198cm | acrylic, impasto and ink on canvasTHE DIVIDED PATH III – SUNRISE | 122x122cm | acrylic, impasto and ink on canvasSUNRISE I | 120x180cm | acrylic, impasto and ink on canvasRED HEAT DESERT’S GATE II | 66x168cm | acrylic, impasto and ink on canvas


SUNDAY STORM PALM BEACH | 55x75cm | ink, pen and gouache on paperPREPARING FOR EXHIBITION – NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH – PAM THREATENING TO LEAVE AGAIN | 58x75cm | pen and gouache on paperANGEL FISH | 41x59cm | pen and gouache on paper1980 HSC ARTWORK | 52x83cm | pencil on paper | formed part of today’s equivalent of Art Express 1980 HSC ARTWORK | 30x27cm| pencil on paper

Fat Heads

THE VERBAL AGREEMENT | 200x80cm | acrylic on canvas | Finalist BMDI ‘Touch Of Red’ Competition Melbourne 2006BULLY BUDDIES | 101x101cm | acrylic on canvas | Finalist Hills Grammar School Art Prize 2006THANK YOU BUT NO THANK YOU | 200x80cm | acrylic on canvasICE CREAM GIRL | 91x91cm | acrylic on canvas FORGET ME NOTS, FOR MY LOVE | 90x120 | acrylic on canvas on boardTHE AFTERTHOUGHT | 90x120cm | acrylic on canvas on board


ANGELS – BURNING OF THE BANK OF THE RIVER NARCISS | 100x150cm | acrylic on canvasANGELS WITH WINGS CLIPPED – FLIES AGAIN | 120x90cm | acrylic on canvasTREE OF ANGELS I | 120x120cm | acrylic on canvasTREE OF ANGELS – THE MESSENGER | 150x100cm | acrylic on canvasTHE COURAGEOUS ANGEL | 75x100cm | acrylic on canvasTHE FEARLESS ANGEL | 75x100cm | acrylic on canvas

Textured Abstract (Norton)

INCARCERATION BY MANAGEMENT | 120x240x8cm | acrylic impasto on canvasTHE INCARCERATED HEART | 152x212cm | acrylic impasto on canvasRHYTHM AND BLUES I | 61x123 x8cm | acrylic on canvas on marine ply

Early Beach Scenes

BEACH SCENE | 120x120cm | acrylic on canvasBEACH SCENE COMMISSION | 83x200cm | acrylic on canvas | CommissionWHERE I WANT TO BE | 80x304cm | acrylic on canvas, triptych | Commission