Post #14 – on 19/01/2018 Rebecca wrote:

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break.

Here’s my first blog post of 2018!

My new works will be included in traffic jam galleries upcoming thematic exhibition titled ‘The Beach’ Opening 31st of January and runs until February 21st.
I have been creating more textured beach scenes on both canvas and perspex,  experimenting with materials pushing them to what at times feels like the limit
but having a lot of fun with buckets and buckets of impasto paints of every colour!
Along with preparing works for ‘The Beach’ exhibition I  have been working on a few commission pieces which are always challenging and exciting.

I have also been working with taking my works into three dimensional spaces, creating new sculptures with bits of paint, resin, wood, plastic, rope and wire.

It’s been an exciting start to the year!




Post #13 – on 06/12/2017 Rebecca wrote:


Rebecca here, exciting news- a number of my works are now on Sale at Traffic jam Galleries for a limited time only! Please see here my catalogue, contact the gallery for details.
I have been busy, having a great time creating lots of new works including new impasto beach scenes where I have been experimenting with various sizes, painting smaller works on canvas and perspex. These bright and thickly coloured works are titled after ice cream cakes as they look good enough to eat! I have also touched base with my landscape series, creating a new work called ‘White Butterflies’  I am just finishing up the varnishing today!


I also have just returned from a great trip to Singapore where I browsed through the ‘Affordable Art-fair’  and Singapore’s incredible galleries.
Lots more to do before the holidays, be in touch soon!



Post #12 – on 30/08/2017 Jess wrote:

Thanks for the great feedback and reviews about Rebecca’s Pierce’s newest exhibition ‘The Simple Life’.
Lynne Lancaster spoke about the work in her recent review for Sydney Arts Guide “There are some wonderful abstract multi textured, rather large,  swirling canvases painted with many layers of mirror resin, some also including straw attached, which are full of bold dynamic colour and energy .” To read more of the article click here.

Also thank you to the Mosman Daily  for their mention of the exhibition shown in this photo below.




The Exhibition closes tomorrow 31st August so come on by or check out the full catalogue of works here


Post #11 – on 26/05/2016 Clio wrote:

Congratulations to Rebecca for being the recipient of a number of acknowledgements of her artwork in recent Art Awards and Prizes.

In the 2016 Hunters Hill Art Prize, Rebecca was acknowledged for two of her artworks. The annual award is New South Wales’ longest continuous running Art Exhibition since 1955, which is now displayed for10 days in three historic venues; Hunters Hill Town Hall, Vienna Cottage and Hunters Hill Congregational Church.

IMAGES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Photograph of Rebecca with her Runner Up artwork ROCK THE CRADLE 2 at the Opening Night, Photograph of Rebecca’s sculpture OLD HEAD ON OLD SHOULDERS - MUTTON vs LAMB vs MEDUSA, Photograph of Rebecca receiving the Runner Up Prize from Mr. Ron Kaplan of Hunter Holden who sponsored that particular section of the Prize and the Mayor of Hunters Hill Mr. Richard Quinn.

IMAGES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Photograph of Rebecca with her Runner Up artwork ROCK THE CRADLE 2 at the Opening Night, Photograph of Rebecca’s sculpture OLD HEAD ON OLD SHOULDERS – MUTTON vs LAMB vs MEDUSA, Photograph of Rebecca receiving the Runner Up Prize from Mr. Ron Kaplan of Hunter Holden who sponsored that particular section of the Prize and the Mayor of Hunters Hill Mr. Richard Quinn.

Rebecca’s mixed media drawing ROCK THE CRADLE 2 received the Runner Up Prize in the Hunters Hill Art Prize. Her sculpture made from assembling found materials and incorporating painting and drawing, OLD HEAD ON OLD SHOULDERS – MUTTON vs LAMB vs MEDUSA, was also selected as a Finalist in the Hunters Hill Sculpture Prize. Rebecca attended the Opening Night on May 6, and received the Award from Mr. Ron Kaplan of Hunter Holden who sponsored that particular section of the Prize and the Mayor of Hunters Hill Mr. Richard Quinn.

IMAGES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Opening Night of the Percival Portrait Prize at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Photograph of Rebecca’s work CLIO THE WHITE COCKATOO on the right of the winning artwork

IMAGES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT – Opening Night of the Percival Portrait Prize at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Photograph of Rebecca’s work CLIO THE WHITE COCKATOO on the right of the winning artwork

Rebecca’s work, CLIO THE WHITE COCKATOO, was selected as a Finalist in the Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville. The $ 40,000 Acquisitive Prize commenced in 2007 and is an open competition for Artists. While showcasing the outstanding and innovative work currently being produced by Australian Artists the competition has also given many emerging artists an opportunity to engage with portraiture and share their expressions of themselves and those close to them.

The very large and delicate portrait Rebecca painted of me (Clio, but she calls me the studio muse and goddess of amusement – S.M.A.G.O.A), is an acrylic and charcoal on Aquarelle Arches paper work, with chicken wire and ribbons attached. The frame consists of four differing frames to further accentuate the complex nature of the subject (me).

It is exciting to have the work sitting beside the winning work of the prize, Lisa Adams work titled ‘Revelation’ (as seen in the image below). The exhibition opened on May 6 and will continue until July 10.


Post #10 – on 15/03/2016 Clio wrote:

Rebecca’s latest exhibition ‘Split Persona – Poles Apart’, opened last Thursday the 3rd of March, alongside Jenny Green’s sculptural exhibition. With a great turn out that filled traffic jam galleries in Neutral Bay, a big THANK YOU to all those that came on the night!


LEFT IMAGE – Opening Night, RIGHT IMAGE – Exhibition Hang including Rebecca Pierce’s Artworks from the left ON A KNIFES EDGE / LOOKING FOR PERCEIVED PERFECTION, BUSTY ONE, and A LINE AT A TIME

A new exploration of Impasto inspired the genesis of the ‘Toolbox’ series. Rebecca  has married mundane, every day, utilitarian objects rendered in a hyper realistic style with thickly painted, lush, vibrant, three dimensional florals. Perhaps the yummiest of them all was Rebecca’s work BLOW THAT CONE, an ice cream cone holding a bouquet of flowers, dripping with texture and lustrous swathes of paint that resemble the creaminess of gelato.

Another work, A LINE AT A TIME is made up of 36 little canvases of Double D flowers (DD = Double petaled flowers, and A Cup = Single petaled flowers), floating like colourful islands on the larger white canvas. A funky twist to the artwork, you can either purchase a line of 6 works (hence the title) or purchase the whole artwork.



In Lynne Lancaster’s review of the Exhibition, she writes, “Rebecca Pierce’s work is mostly enticingly thickly textured and explosively colourful…Litres and litres of paint are used to create the works in swirling impasto, which can weigh up to 27 kg and take up to six weeks to dry. Whilst there are bright overtones, if you observe closely there are hidden, somewhat sinister elements with knives, spanners, hammers lurking.” To read the full review please click here.

The Exhibition continues until the 30th of March, come and visit the 3D experience of Rebecca’s paintings!

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Post #9 – on 03/11/2015 Clio wrote:

A much loved series that made us all want to ‘EAT our Art’  is back!

Rebecca began experimenting with impasto over 14 years ago. This developed into a series that has seen works that have featured in exhibitions in Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. (You can see a selection of older and more recent works in the Impasto Series if you click here). This month in Rebecca’s most recent Exhibition, ‘Like baking a Cake’, she revisits this series in a new light.



Art has never looked so delicious…… Is it icing? Cake Batter? A dollop of cream? Lemon Meringue Pie? Pavlova ? ……These thick, lustrous swathes of paint rise above the canvas surface to create a 3D effect shaped into flowers. Adding more ingredients to the cake…..Bright vivid colours and intricate dotted detail on each petal and leaf combines to create a scrumptious masterpiece you will want a slice of!


Rebecca’s ‘Like baking a Cake’ Exhibition is on at Brisbane Modern Art Gallery this month, from the 17th – 28th of November. Come and join Rebecca at the gallery on the afternoon of Saturday the 21st of November from 2pm – 4pm, for a chat, nibbles, drinks and viewing of works from the impasto series and new works from other series . For more details please visit the Current Exhibition listing here.

Brisbane Modern Art Gallery is at 483 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 07 3358 1230


These paintings are still in progress (cooking) so contact us at here if you would like a preview of the finished works or watch our website here to see the new works as they are uploaded!

You can see more of Rebecca in the studio (kitchen) mixing up these paints (cakes) on Instagram and Facebook by following the links below.

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Post #8 – on 09/10/2015 Clio wrote:

Rebecca’s most recent Exhibition, The Happy Point, was warmly welcomed on the Saturday Opening on the 26th of September with a beautiful summery day. Thank you to all those who came to view the new works and meet Rebecca!

In Lynne Lancaster’s review of the exhibition on Sydney Arts Guide, she wrote about Rebecca’s multimedia explorations in this new work – “I loved the delicate, rainy texture of Lime Ribena and the Flame Trees, and the joyous, swirling, jumping lines of Rock the Cradle 1 and 2.” To read more of the article, please click here.

the happy point exhibition 2


In this exhibition, Rebecca explores the meeting ground between her landscapes and portraits, the relationship between the natural earth formations and human nature.

“THE HAPPY POINT is a point I am up to in the development of the ongoing processing of the face as a landscape and the landscape being interpreted and misread like the assumptions we make when reading the human face. My ‘happy point’ is the incorporation of mountains across the face, in undulations, crevices, cracks and flattened spaces becoming part of obvious facial features such as nose, eyes and mouth, the facial features becoming one with the land.” (Rebecca)


(left) Image of artwork hanging in the gallery – ‘CLIO – THE WHITE COCKATOO’, (right) Image of artwork in gallery – sculpture ‘OLD HEAD ON OLD SHOULDERS – MUTTON VS LAMB VS MEDUSA’ and painting in background ‘MIST REVISITED – CLIFF FACE’

One of the larger of the pieces in this exhibition, CLIO – THE WHITE COCKATOO (image above), is Rebecca’s representation of me, Clio. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rebecca for the wonderful journey we have had so far together and in creating her way to represent me to the world in her art. Thank you! The drawing represents me with my white onyx necklace, joined with the white cockatoo whose energy I strongly align with, and much more meaning imbued into the artwork. To view the Artist Statement for this and other works in the exhibition please visit the Exhibition page here.

The Exhibition closes this Tuesday the 13th of October, so if you are free this weekend, come into the gallery to be taken on a journey with Rebecca’s works to ‘the happy point’!

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Post #7 – on 29/07/2015 Clio wrote:



Congratulations Rebecca! Her artwork MISSING YOU TOO is a finalist for the Pirtek Still Life Prize. This annual exhibition is held at Bowral Art Gallery, and this year is judged by one of Australia’s leading artists, Tim Storrier. The Exhibition runs until this Sunday, the 2nd of August, if you have a chance to pop into the gallery!

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Post #6 – on 08/05/2015 Clio wrote:

Rebecca’s GLASS HOUSE drawings have been receiving some great responses within the past few months!


(left) Image of Rebecca’s Artwork GLASS HOUSE 2014 – RESOLUTE – MOUNT TIBROGARGAN, which was selected as a Finalist for Hunters Hill Exhibition Art Prize. (RIGHT) Photograph of Rebecca and her artwork GLASS HOUSE 2014 hanging in Mosman Art Gallery for the Artists of Mosman 2088 Exhibition.

Last week, we found out the exciting news that Rebecca’s artwork GLASS HOUSE 2014 – RESOLUTE – MOUNT TIBROGARGAN is a Finalist for the Hunters Hill Exhibition Art Prize. The Exhibition annually hosts an outstanding selection of Australian art and sculpture, presenting both emerging and established artists. It opens tonight the 8th of May, at Hunters Hill Town Hall and surrounding venues, and the Exhibition runs until the 17th of May.

Rebecca’s artwork GLASS HOUSE 2014 was selected for the Artists of Mosman: 2088 Exhibition, that exhibited at Mosman Art Gallery last month. Following in this rich tradition, the Artists of Mosman Exhibition brings together the best of contemporary art practices by local resident artists in Mosman and the Friends of the Mosman Art Gallery. This eagerly anticipated exhibition is a highlight of the community’s cultural calendar.

For more artworks from her GLASS HOUSE series please visit the SERIES page.

For more information about Rebecca’s art achievements and exhibitions, please visit the ART BIO + CV page.

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Post #5 – on 05/03/2015 Clio wrote:

Yesterday we received some very exciting news regarding one of Rebecca’s businesses! We are proud to announce that Traffic Jam Galleries has been selected as a Finalist for Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2015, in the category of Specialised Retail Small Business.


(left) Certificate for Finalist for Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2015, in the category of Specialised Retail Small Business (right) Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney

Traffic Jam Galleries (tjg) was established by Rebecca four years ago in 2011, and is run with family members and others to form the tjg team. The art gallery now represents 30-40 predominantly Australian artists in the contemporary genre with an emphasis on a mixed exhibition space alongside a monthly changing exhibition space. The business has grown into co-branding with various corporate partnerships, hosting events including artist dinners and weddings, all becoming a positive addition and valuable part of the local community and art industry.

The building was also designed by Rebecca, all false ceilings were removed and in some sections mortar on walls has been chiselled off to reveal brickwork to heighten the industrial minimalist feel and strengthen the presence of the art. For more images on the renovation of the building follow the link here.

It is great for the whole team to be acknowledged for their hard work in creating and nourishing the art gallery as an elite Australian small business.

On behalf of Rebecca, we would like to thank the tjg team, clients, partnerships and friends of the gallery for supporting the business.

Winner’s will be announced on Saturday the 18th of April, 2015, so….fingers crossed!


Post #4 – on 03/03/2015 Clio wrote:

As the ‘SOLID ROCK’ Exhibition comes to a close, Rebecca is ready and looking forward to the opening of her next Exhibition, ‘SUN & MOON’, which opens this Thursday at Traffic Jam Galleries.

Blog 4.jpg

Image – Rebecca in her studio painting artworks for the Exhibition

Despite a full schedule and back to back exhibitions, Rebecca is presenting a new scope of works with a conceptual narrative inspired by the forces and cycles of our solar system. In these paintings, Rebecca explores the relationship between landscapes and portraits, where the textural and abstracted patterns of the landscapes often flow onto become components of the faces.


Image – Selection of Artworks included in the ‘SUN & MOON’ Exhibition – DAWN TIDE ON ACID – THE TRAVELLER VS THE EXPLORER I (left), THE BURNING BUSH PART 1 (middle), THE DISSERTATION 1 (right)

Please join us for drinks and catch up with Rebecca on the Exhibition Opening Night of ‘SUN & MOON’, this Thursday the 5th of March, 6-8pm at Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney. For more information please visit our Current Exhibitions page for the March Exhibition here.

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Post #3 – on 21/02/2015 Clio wrote:

Rebecca has received editorial covering her new body of work in the ‘SOLID ROCK’ Exhibition, the article featured in The Mosman Daily (printed version) and The Telegraph (online). Click here to view.


Newspaper article – ‘Vision Perpendicular’ by Kate Crawford, 9th February 2015

The article brings to light Rebecca’s use of sex toys in her exploration of photography inspired by her artistic expedition to the Glass House Mountains in late 2014. These pseudo landscapes plays with the phallic characterisation of mountain structures, combining some with graphic designs inspired by some of Rebecca’s past textile patterns.

The Exhibition also features paintings and drawings. For more information please have a look at Rebecca’s Artist Statement for the ‘SOLID ROCK’ Exhibition. The Exhibition continues until this Thursday the 26th of February, so drop by the Traffic Jam Galleries this week to have a look!


Post #2 – on 27/01/15 Clio wrote:


Photograph of Rebecca Pierce last year at the Glass House Mountains, QLD

We are just finalising preparations for the opening of Rebecca’s ‘Solid Rock’ Exhibition, a thematic exhibition inspired by a recent artistic expedition to the Glass House Mountains with two other artists towards the end of 2014. In this new body of work, Rebecca has further explored her ‘Getting A Head’ series as well as branching out into other mediums, including photography, graphics design and drawings.


(left) Photograph of Rebecca’s new drawings at the Framers, (right) Photograph of Rebecca at the Printers with her new Photograph’s for the ‘Solid Rock’ Exhibition.

We are so excited to present this new Exhibition with a deep concept ingrained in the nature of this landscape and our connection to form. Please check out the Current Exhibitions page on this website to view images and read up on Rebecca’s journey and thoughts in creating this experimental series!

The Exhibition opens on Saturday the 7th of February at Traffic Jam Galleries. Come in and join us for a drink and nibble between 3-6pm, Rebecca will be in attendance.



art, painting, rebecca in studio

Introducing Rebecca Pierce’s new website and News blog…

My name is Clio.

Having worked closely with Rebecca since 2011, I have been warmly welcomed into her family, personal and work life and I couldn’t be more grateful. You will find the two of us in Rebecca’s subterranean studio, collaborating over devious plans (or more often conversing on random topics).

art, painting, rebecca in studio

Image – Photograph of Rebecca Pierce painting in her studio with dog Hercules (official Gallery Director of Traffic Jam Galleries). Image courtesy of Elyn Storath.

This blog will feature updates from me (Clio) about Rebecca’s Art and Design work, touching on projects, exhibitions and relative events.

Rebecca’s website has been rebirthed (its been ten years from the last!)

It was a mammoth task with some real cringe worthy moments, with Rebecca revisiting thirty plus years back. We are excited to present the website which now features a snapshot of Rebecca’s work, not just in Art, but twenty plus years of design. The site focuses on the 1980’s through to today.

Starting anew, I thought I would reflect upon the highlights of 2014, which proved to be a big year for Rebecca!


(left) New York art, NY (right) View the Rotunda inside The Guggenheim, NY

Rebecca started the year in New York appreciating the art and culture of this vibrant city. Apart from the valued Public Art that marked their streets, she visited many commercial galleries and Museums including The Guggenheim and MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art). Rebecca reconnected with her passion for design and structure, visiting stores such as ABC Carpet & Home, Broadway, Todd Merrill & Associates Inc, Bleecker St, and Lepage, Mulberry St.

Art Exhibitions…

Rebecca exhibited her work in a joint Exhibition with Carole Foster which opened at the end of May at Traffic Jam Galleries, NSW. In the exhibition, titled ‘Soft Edges + Hard Centres’, Rebecca evolved her most recent series ‘Getting A Head’. With a primary focus on human like heads with a semblance of body, the diversity of medium, colour and texture presents her exploration of states of flux, emphasising the face as a landscape.

Public Art…

In June, Rebecca was contracted by North Sydney Council and the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) to design and paint five Traffic Signal Boxes as part of their Public Art ‘Colouring Our Habitat Program’. Her past series inspired boxes can be found around the streets of Neutral Bay – Belgrave St Cnr Waters Rd, Ben Boyd Rd Cnr Ernest St, Ben Boyd Rd Cnr Yeo Street, Wycombe Rd Cnr Military Rd.

Rebecca Pierce and her artwork featured in the article ‘Sending the Right Signal’, The Mosman Daily, 3rd July 2014

Rebecca Pierce and her artwork featured in the article ‘Sending the Right Signal’, The Mosman Daily, 3rd July 2014

Art Awards….

Rebecca was a Finalist for the Mosman Art Prize 2014 in July with her painting PRISONER: IT’S NOT JUST A GIRL THING, which was exhibited at Mosman Art Gallery, NSW.

In September she also made Finalist for the Heysen Prize 2014 Interpretation of Place for her painting MIST REVISITED – CASTLES IN THE AIR (PART 1), which was exhibited at the Hahndorf Academy, SA.


(left) PRISONER: IT’S NOT JUST A GIRL THING, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 152 x 122 cm (right) MIST REVISITED – CASTLES IN THE AIR (PART 1), acrylic and ink on canvas, 137 x 137 cm

Art Making…

At the end of September Rebecca went up to the Glasshouse Mountains, QLD, with fellow Artist Dean Reilly to explore the land and gain inspiration for her upcoming joint Exhibition with Dean, titled ‘Solid Rock’. The Exhibition will run from 5 –26th February 2015 at Traffic Jam Galleries, NSW.


In November, Rebecca’s business Traffic Jam Galleries was awarded Winner of the North Shore Local Business Awards in the Category Antiques, Arts, Crafts and Gifts. This success celebrates the journey the team has taken to building a successful business, and the rewarding of outstanding business quality and commendable levels of customer support. Thanks team tjg!

And now 2015…

We have lots lined up for 2015. Keep a watch on this page for more to come….

If you have any enquiries please contact us.